What clients have to say…

“I had never taken a yoga class before I was pregnant. It was a leap of faith to even walk in the door and I am profoundly glad that I did. Janet was welcoming, kind, and I felt extremely comfortable in my body, even being pregnant. Janet makes everyone feel comfortable in the space and spends a few minutes at the beginning class asking everyone to share their experiences, excitements, and questions. This helps everyone to settle into the class and begin to focus on themselves and their babies. Janet does a wonderful job communicating the reasons for doing certain breathing techniques, certain poses, etc. so you understand WHY prenatal yoga is important for both you and your baby. I felt better connected to my body and to my baby after being a part of Janet’s prenatal yoga class and was able to apply the techniques I learned to my labor and delivery.”

-Lindsay M.


“At first, I thought I didn’t need to go to a special yoga class to continue practicing. Once I went to Janet’s class, however, I really saw the benefits in learning how to live and do yoga in my rapidly changing body (and center of gravity!) through her comfortable and inclusive class environment. Janet’s class helped me to be strong enough – both physically and mentally – to persevere through a long childbirth. Arguably, one of the best gifts Janet’s class gave me was the gift of amazing friendships I made there that continue even now that our children are preschoolers.”

-Kristin B.


Prenatal yoga helped me to stay active through my whole pregnancy (including early labor). I was able to work on carefully building strength and flexibility while becoming more in tune with my body and warding off many of the aches and pains that often accompany pregnancy.”

Kim V.