Passive meditation

Passive Meditation:  Make sure you are comfortable and you are in a relaxed environment for the most benefit.  It is helpful if someone reads this meditation to you.  Pregnant women should find a comfortable space, propped up on pillows, with heart higher than the legs, or lying down, supported by pillows, on the left side of the body. 

~Make yourself comfortable.  Take a deep breath, breathing in peacefulness.   As you exhale, exhale out the mouth, and let the tension, fatigue, or worry go.  Take another deep, cleansing inhale and exhale completely.  One more inhale, deep and full, and then, exhale completely.  Let the breath be soft.  Feel your breath as it travels throughout the body.  Become aware of your muscles.  Let the breath bring a wave of relaxation through your entire body and begin to let go of tension.  Focus on your head and face.  Let the eyes soften and close.  Bring awareness back to your breath.  With the next exhale, feel your eyes relax and sink deep into the eye sockets.  Let the sides around the eyes soften.  Allow the eyelids to soften.  Travel this breath to the space between the eyebrows.  Exhale as you release this space, allowing that space to grow wider.  Travel the breath to the forehead, releasing and softening this space.   Let the cheeks become soft.  Let the breath travel to the jaw.  Allow this space to soften.  Let the lips part slightly so the teeth do not touch.   Now let the tongue grow heavy and sink to the bottom of your mouth.  Let it be thick.  Travel the breath to the neck and throat, feeling the neck grow soft.  Let the throat open and relax.  On your next exhale, let the shoulders drop down and release.  Allow this release to travel down the upper arms, elbows, forearms and hands.  Find this softness travel all the way down to the fingertips.  Notice the soft rise and fall of your abdomen—gently rising and falling, like waves on a shore, gently flowing in and gently flowing out.  Imagine your baby gently being rocked to the rhythm of your breath. Become aware of your back.  Let it sink in deep.  Let all the muscles in your back soften and release.  Allow yourself to melt completely, just as butter melts in the warm sun.  Continue to travel breath and the softness into your hips, your buttocks, letting go of any tension.  Allow the muscles of the pelvic floor to soften.  Your body is completely and totally relaxed.  Send your breath to any spaces that are still holding tension and release that tension with an exhalation.  Your breath is gentle, your body is calm.    

Let the mind release and relax.  Visualize a special space, a space of peace and tranquility…A space where you feel safe, secure and at ease.  Maybe you imagine a beautiful place, like a beach, a waterfall, or a forest.  Maybe it is a beautiful garden or lovely flower or simply imagine being under a shady tree on a warm, sunny day.  It can be a just an image—perhaps a color.  Whatever it is, just allow it to be.   Visualize this image—notice all the details, the textures, the colors, and shapes, hear whatever sounds might be present, feel all the sensations, and smell any aromas.  See yourself as safe, secure and totally at peace.  Picture yourself feeling refreshed and wonderful.  If an image doesn’t come, just allow the physical sensation of peace and softness fill you completely.  Breathe in this great feeling with each inhale and breathe out completely refreshed.  (Pause for a minute or two)

When you feel ready to leave this space, begin to deepen the breath.  Take a nice inhale and exhale completely.  Become aware of the body and begin to move the fingers and the toes, nice slow movements.  Gently stretch your arms and legs and feel the energy return.  Take this soft, gentle feeling with you.  

J. MacFarlane 2010

© and Janet MacFarlane,201o. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Janet MacFarlane and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


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