Why Prenatal Yoga?

Pregnancy is an exceptional time in a woman’s life.  Through breath and movement, a woman can cultivate body awareness to help her come through pregnancy and the birth of her baby with grace and strength.  Prenatal yoga classes are specifically suited for pregnancy.  The postures we practice are focussed on addressing the needs of the pregnant body.  Modifications and adaptations are offered.

Taking care of yourself during pregnancy has benefits that extend into your postpartum recovery.  Many of the postures we practice are targeted to maintain pelvic floor health and to help keep the deep layer of muscles in abdomen strong.  This will benefit you through pregnancy, birth and beyond.


Relaxation techniques learned in prenatal yoga will help you relax and relieve tension.  Through the coordination of breath and movement, you will learn how to find focus.  These are skills that may assist you during the delivery of your baby.

A prenatal yoga class can bring you together with others who are travelling the same path.  Whether you are going through pregnancy for the first time or are a veteran mom, it can be nice to share the experience with other women. Pregnancy and parenthood are not always easy!  Sometimes it is nice to know that the feelings  you have are not unusual. It can really help set your mind at ease.  A prenatal yoga class can be a welcoming and nuturing environment.


2 thoughts on “Why Prenatal Yoga?

  1. I am doing an internship at the YMCA in Marquette County in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Within this internship I am planning on making a Prenatal Yoga program for the YMCA. I am a 200 RYT, but I am NOT certified for Prenatal Yoga. Do you know anyone that would be interested in teaching this program ?

    Meagan Hennekens

    BS: Management of Health and Fitness
    500 hour CMT
    200 hour RYT

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