A time for change…

After much thought, deliberation, reluctance, and finally, being honest with myself, I have decided to put my classes on hiatus. I do not have a definite finishing date at this time, but will not be offering any classes come July. I would like to see my current clients through the end of their pregnancies.

I have been teaching prenatal yoga and postnatal yoga for nearly a decade, and it has been a very important and fulfilling part of my life. I started out taking prenatal yoga classes with Hilaire Lockwood, at Hilltop Yoga, when I was pregnant with my third child and wound up teaching classes there for many years. I have met many amazing women and their children along the way. I have enjoyed sharing what I know with my fellow teachers and appreciate the opportunities I have had to teach. I enjoyed my time at Just B Yoga, with Belinda Thurston, and was honored to provide instruction at the health department and at other organizations. My experiences teaching Prenatal and Postnatal yoga have been rich. It has been a perfect complement to my life. Getting to hold other people’s babies while teaching a yoga class has been a bonus, for sure!

Life changes. Kids get older and they get busier! I had to change gears and alter my schedule to accommodate the shift in our family lifestyle. Fortunately, I was able to continue teaching my classes at a lovely place closer to home, LotusVoice Integrative Therapies. Ginger Yang has been a supportive and generous person. She provided a space for me to continue my endeavors for the past few years. I am so grateful to her!

After some personal challenges the past year, on top of the normal demands of a busy family, I began to realize that I do not have as much energy to devote to teaching my Prenatal Yoga classes nor to the time to advertise, and help it thrive. As reluctant as I am to let it go, I know it does not have to be forever. I also know that it is the best choice for me right now. I want to thank all the moms who shared their journeys me with me, some several times! I will always count teaching prenatal yoga as one of the most enriching and fulfilling experiences in my life.

May your find joy in every breath.


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