Wisdom from Janice Clarfield

At the beginning of October, I had the opportunity to participate in a Prenatal Yoga teacher training and certification in Conscious Birthing in Toronto.  Toronto is an awesome city, probably my favorite.  It is culturally diverse, accessible via mass transit, and friendly.  It is also, without a doubt, one of the best places to eat.  All of the stars aligned for this trip.  The car ride was easy, and I was able to stay at the home of my sister-in-law and her family.  To top it all off, I went all by myself, without kids.  

    The training was run by the fabulous Janice Clarfield of Urban Yoga in Vancouver.  She was hosted by the very sweet, Esther Cieri of Body Wisdom Yoga in Toronto.  Janice is both knowledgeable and very personable.    I came away from this workshop with a deeper understanding and much gratitude.  What I learned from Janice will always inform my teaching. 

     I want to share Janice’s governing principles of practicing Prenatal Yoga.  These principles could easily be applied to any practice (or anything at all.)   

“If it doesn’t feel right, it’s not.”

“If something doesn’t feel right, find an adjustment, a modification.”

“If not sure, then be on the side of caution, safety, less.”

“Practice with gentleness and enjoyment.”

Pregnancy can be very empowering.  It is a time of heightened awareness.  With this heightened awareness, a woman could tune in to her body and her own body’s wisdom.   As a teacher, I believe it is my role to guide a woman to find her own body wisdom.  It is my role to facilitate this awareness in order to help make pregnancy, labor, birth and beyond an empowering experience.  There is a “profound letting go” that accompanies every birth.  Through breath, movement, and meditation, a woman can undergo the transformative experience of motherhood.   

I thank Janice for her insight and wisdom! 



If in Toronto, and you are in the mood for a meal that will make you feel clean and virtuous, check out Live Organic Food Bar.  The food is beautiful and delicious!  I loved the Beet Raviolis!  I ate here twice during my visit.

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