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Yikes! I’ve Got a Cramp in My Leg!”–Leg Cramps and Pregnancy

So, it is the middle of the night and you are sound asleep. Suddenly, you wake up with a gripping tightness in your calf muscle that sends you sitting upright and grasping your leg in a panic. It takes you a few moments to catch your breath and stretch that poor muscle out. The cramping […]

“My head hurts!” –Headaches during pregnancy.

“My head hurts!” –Headaches during pregnancy.

It is early in your pregnancy, and you are feeling nauseous.  Along with this nausea comes a throbbing headache.  You don’t want to take any medication, but you really want to find some relief.  Prenatal yoga may help! Headaches can come on for varying reasons.  During pregnancy, those reasons can be many.  Perhaps you are […]

“My Wrists Hurt!”–Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Pregnancy

“My Wrists Hurt!”–Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Pregnancy

You are pregnant.  While typing out your latest status update, you notice a tingling or numbness in your wrists, hands or fingers.  You may even notice a dull ache.  Throughout the day, these symptoms  come and go.  At night, the pain seems to get worse.  The discomfort may extend to forearm and upperarm.  Your hands or wrists may even […]

“Why am I crying all the time?”…The emotional rollercoaster of pregnancy

We’ve all heard the line, “Big girls don’t cry.”  Oh, but they do!  Pregnancy is such a life-changing event–Hormones are surging and the mind and body are coping with all the big changes that are happening and that are to come.   The feelings may be varied and wide-ranging, depending on your circumstances.  I like to think of […]

Tearing each other down…

These female elephants from Disney’s Dumbo were mean and harsh.  Sometimes that behavior is mirrored in our own converstations and judgements.    I have been following the Baby Project on NPR–Basically, it is a collection of stories following nine pregnant women of various backrounds. As a prental yoga instructor and mother, I love reading the stories..Everyone’s […]

“I’m a Hot Mama!”–Feeling the heat during pregnancy.

Baby, it is hot out there! If you are pregnant, you are probably feeling the effects more then the next person. Why do pregnant women feel so hot during pregnancy? A woman’s metabolic rate increases 15-20% during pregnancy. As this rate increases, so does heat production.  This is why you may feel like stripping everything off […]

“I’ve got shifty hips!”–The softening of the ligaments and joints in pregnancy.

 “A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips,” so the expression goes.  For many of us, the widening of our hips may bring a negative reaction.  For much of human history, however, the hips have been a symbol of sexuality and fertility. The hips are the home of our second chakra, our sexual and emotional […]


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